Buffer tanks

Buffer tanks are vital support equipment when installing a Mecer system.  Tanks for used etchant, used rinse water, regenerated etchant and regenerated rinse water will also allow the Mecer system to run when etching line is offline. Whether you need buffer tanks for existing plant requirements, or to support a Mecer system, Sigma can help with design, engineering and production. 

Automation equipment

The possibilities for automation are increasing continuously and can be customized to meet the requirement of each specific plant. From monitoring tank levels and temperatures, to controlling valves and pump efficiencies or short-cut monitoring, almost anything is possible. Sigma engineers can help to determine the optimal setup and present different options. 

System control units

Sigma systems are by default delivered with remote access and control. Multiple PLC Control units can be installed to enable supervision in larger plants that prohibits placement in direct proximity to etching line. 

System components

Sigma systems are built with default components based on our experience and high quality requirements. Customizations are however possible and considered for specific component requests such as pumps, valves, etc. If your existing spare part warehouse is based on specific brands of equipment, it is no doubt a benefit to continue to keep it simple. 

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