Spare parts

Sigma systems are in service for several decades and during this period there will inevitably be component failures. To make sure you have critical components available without delay, Sigma will propose a standard spare part package when a new system is delivered. Sigma also keeps internal stock of standard components to quickly support when needed.

MX80 & MX90

MX80 for Alkaline and MX90 for Acidic etchants are closed-loop extraction reagents enabling Copper extraction within the Mecer system. Although being closed-loop, there are slight evaporation and drag-out effects that has to be compensated with occasional refills. These chemicals are also carefully developed to ensure stripping kinetics are optimized.


MX200 compensates the speed additative in the removed Replenisher and enables maintained or increased etching speed for Alkaline etching when using a Mecer regeneration system.


Dimensionally stable Anodes are used in the electrowinning cell of the Mecer system to transfer current through the electrolysis. The Anodes are consumed after 5 years and need to be replaced to ensure that energy consumption is kept low and stable. 


Copper starter Cathodes are used to plate the Copper electrolyte, starting at 5 kg each, and harvested after approximately 2 weeks at 125 kg. The use of properly designed Cathodes are important to avoid short-cuts in the electrowinning cell which poses a risk to destroy the Anodes. 

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