Regenerate etchant

The Mecer system supports both Alkaline and Acidic etchant closed-loop regeneration. For Acidic etching, the consumption of HCl is reduced by 95 %, while Alkaline etchant (Replenisher) is completely eliminated. This reduction means significant reduction of operational cost.

Recycle Copper

The Mecer system recycles the Copper that is etched from your panels, through electrolysis plating 99,995% Copper purity is acheived. The Copper sheets are harvested bi-weekly and sold as anodic grade Copper. 

Regenerate rinse water

The Mecer system extracts the Copper content from the rinse water and enable reuse of the same water in the etching process again. Regenerated rinse water provides an improved environmental image through less water consumption as well as reduced treatment costs by having a lower Copper content in the water that leaves the plant. 

Control critical parameters

The Mecer system allows full control of pH, Chlorides and Copper content. By having the possibility to keep these parameters within tight tolerances will enable improved quality and reduced waste due to poor quality dummy boards, etc. 


The Mecer system is fully automated and can preferably be supervised by etching line operator. Safety systems are integrated in the basic design, and preventive systems are optional.

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